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orange is the new blackvideo

Telenovela Villain Makes Cameo On ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Promo

Netflix LATAM has reunited with one of most well-known telenovela villains Soraya Montenegro. She makes an appearance in the latest promotion for OITNB. Soraya is shown in Litchfield Penitentiary and is approached by Marisol Gonzalez...

Lin-Manuel Miranda Joining Disney’s ‘DuckTales’ Revival

Lin-Manuel Miranda has been casted to voice Gizmoduck (Fenton Crackshell) in the reboot of 'DuckTales'. Gizmoduck was a regular accountant in the original show, but would change into a superhero suit by uttering the...
mike pencevideo

Notre Dame Students Walk Out As Mike Pence Gives Speech

While Trump is overseas Mike Pence was chosen to address students for Notre Dame's commencement speech. During the speech a number of students began to walk out. Take a look at the video to...

Racist Man Goes Off Because A Hispanic Man Was Speaking In Spanish

Racism still exists! This video is proof of that. A man identified as Mike is infuriated with another man because he spoke to his mom in Spanish. Mike is heard saying "You f---ing spic,...
sea lionvideo

Quien Te Mando? Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water

It's all fun and games until it isn't. On this segment of "Quien Te Mando", we highlight a a family in Richmond, B.C. The family was apparently feeding the sea lion and getting to...
luis fonsivideo

‘Despacito’ Has Officially Reached No.1 On Billboard’s Top 100

'Despacito' has been on a crazy upward trajectory. It's the first mostly spanish song to make the number 1 spot since "Macarena" in 1996. According to Forbes, the only other song in this category...

8 Essentials Hispanics Always Had In The House

You weren't Hispanic if you didn't have one of these essentials at home. Goya Adobo You weren't cooking if you weren't using Adobo. Mistolin Mr.Clean ain't have nothing on Mistolin Cafe Bustelo Un cafecito por favor! These Cookies - Let's be...
hispanic patriarchy

Meanwhile My Brother…Growing Up Hispanic & Gender Roles

Gender roles in a traditional Hispanic family are outdated and that's an understatement. Below are a few examples of growing up as a female in a patriarchal culture.   You had to learn how to cook,...
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