6 Items Hispanics Used Growing Up to Feel Better


1VapoRub or how we remember it Vaporú

This was a staple in the house. Whether you put it on your chest or nose – it always worked.


I actually never remember knowing the brand of this alcoholado, but a quick google search brought me to it. Desde Puerto Rico this alcoholado always smelled great.

3Scott’s Emulsion or Elmusion de Co

My parents always used to get the original flavor. Is it weird that I thought it was a treat when they got the flavored ones.

4Broncochem – I honestly never knew this ended with a M. I always knew it as Broncoche


You picked this up whenever you had a really bad cough.

5Ginger Ale/Gingere

If you had any stomach issues you reached for some Ginger Ale. Pepto Bismol just wasn’t going to cut it.


Sometimes all you really needed was some of mom’s chicken noodle soup.