Another World Premiere According To McKayla Maroney


McKayla Maroney once again made headlines, but this time it wasn’t for winning a medal. If you don’t remember the name you surely remember the picture below. McKayla solidified herself in meme history with her “not impressed” expression after winning silver in the 2012 Olympics.

McKayla Maroney

So why is she back in the spotlight? McKayla posted the video below to her Instagram

another world premiere

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Soon after she responded to comments on Twitter stating that her account wasn’t hacked. People may have assumed that her account was hacked because she was hacked once before and nude photos were released.

McKayla then received comments shaming her for posting the video and telling her that she was a role model. She also responded to those critics on Twitter.

She then wished all her haters well on Instagram.

i still wish em well

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