Woman Goes On Racist Rant In Walmart


A video of a Walmart shopper hurling racial slurs at Hispanic and Black customers has gone viral. Eva Hicks posted the video below to Facebook and it has garnered 4.5 million views in a short period of time.

The racist rant was apparently triggered after Hicks said “excuse me” and asked her to move her car in order to reach medicine on the shelves. The women began to yell at Hicks and told her to “go back back to Mexico”.

During the confrontation, a black woman intervened to help Hicks and told the woman to “stop being ignorant”. However, she was met with with a racist remark. The woman said “a n****r’s calling me ignorant”.

Shortly after she tells Hicks that “we don’t want you here” after Hicks said “this is my country”.

The store manager then appears and approaches the woman to tell her that she is inappropriate and asks her to leave.